The importance of surveillance testing in containing the spread of infectious disease through the interruption of transmission chains is well documented.

The EasyRapidNow™ is ready and available for surveillance testing immediately, and we can begin to use this powerful tool at the community level.

EasyRapidNow™ can be used for testing at the individual level and is being used in that capacity outside the United States under CE certification and World Health Organization approval. Surveillance testing can help people have more confidence and peace of mind in their interpersonal interactions and prevent a single case from fueling an outbreak.

The surveillance testing that can be implemented with the readily available EasyRapidNow™ could significantly decrease the burden on our health system, our organizations, and our families. I believe in the work that DermaCare BioSciences is doing to expand access to rapid testing for COVID-19 surveillance.

Dr. Cara OsborneScD, MSN, CNM

These EasyRapidNow™ tests will be super easy for you to perform and I have firsthand experience. My wife came home Monday evening with a cough and not feeling well. In 15 minutes we confirmed that she was positive and we were able to take the appropriate precautions. She works in a doctor’s office and was able to get a PCR test the next day, which confirmed that she was positive. My son and I tested negative and have no symptoms so far. Two days later my son and I tested again, and I was positive, he was negative.

We are grateful to have the early warning. This type of early warning will assist you in keeping your workplace and employees safer resulting in fewer business interruptions.

Steven G.

I was part of a surveillance screening at work. I was feeling symptoms and I took the EasyRapidNow™ test. It showed “positive”. I went for a PCR test and sure enough, it confirmed I had COVID. These really work!

Cory G