einpresswire press releasesPress releases are usually written by press officers working in the communications or public relations (PR) industry.

Often, their aim is to get their clients’ message across or to protect their reputation. Equally, they may want to promote a product or raise awareness about an issue.

EIN Presswire has a distribution footprint that reaches millions including journalists, businesses, and industry professionals. Most releases get picked up by Google News, Bing News, ÉN Newsdesk partner sites, by WordPress publishers and by RSS, email and social media. But that’s not all. We own and maintain one of the worlds leading media directories, the World Media Directory and have a portfolio of “Microwires” that provide targeted reach and SEO benefits.

Press Release Distribution Report

This distribution report contains links to where we can track your release. It shows the media target lists through our World Media Directory, quick links to show you your release on search engines and social media, full-page reprints from locations we can track, and the specific EIN Wires your releases are feeding out to. If you have more questions, please do not hesitate to call us. We wish you a very productive and happy day.

Press Releases

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